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North Beach Restaurant
1512 Stockton St San Frncisco, CA 94133


Tuscon Delicacies in San Fransisco

North Beach Restaurant aims to take you through a culinary journey and help you discover what authentic Tuscan cuisine is all about. Our space reflects pure Italian ambiance surrounded by original works of art, exquisite floor tiles, hand-crafted cherry wood paneling, and ceilings created by Italian craftsmen.

We strive to offer you a superior dining experience with an extensive menu of Tuscan specialties, prepared with the finest ingredients and art. We have cuisines that speak for their own, and reflect the effort and experience put in by our chefs.

Why North Beach Restaurant?

  • Expert Chefs
  • Excellent Ambiance
  • Authentic Tuscon Food
  • 47 Years of Legacy
  • Superior Customer Experience
  • High-Quality & Fresh Ingredients Used

Valet parking available for lunch and dinner at front entrance. Call us at (415) 766-0569.

Call Now to Make a Reservation!
(415) 766-0569

Business Hours

Open 7 days a week 11:30am to 11:45pm, with the kitchen serving continuously.